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About Craig Robertson

 I have a  vigilance for photography. I love taking photos. It wasn’t until I retired from Verizon that I found the time to pursue my dream as a professional photographer. I’ve taken courses in photography and at one time I learned to develop B/W print. In a digital world this is no longer needed. With the advent of digital photography it opened up a whole new world for me as well as the world. With digital photography it gives me the ability to edit and design effects that I couldn’t do before. To take a photo and add effects, change tone and mood is what drives me. I take my job as a photographer very seriously, and my tenacity to get the most out of photo is what I do. Most important is that my every effort is to please you.


My mission statement for Picture Perfect Moment is to take the time and the effort  to make your photos all that they can be and to a job in a timely fashion.

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